Local Production: winter coats made in Montreal


It is with great pride that we hand-produce all of the coats in our Audvik collection from A to Z, directly in our Chabanel workshop in the heart of Montreal's fashion district. Local production has been part of the brand's DNA for over 40 years. This Canadian expertise positions Audvik as a leader in the production of winter coats for people wishing to buy locally, and seeking to minimize their impact on the environment.



The good long-term relationships that we establish with our various partners are undoubtedly one of our strengths. To design unique, innovative and high quality clothing, we work with the Canadian company Sport Design Studio since the beginning, for the search of fabrics and the design of our collections.


#Worldwide Production


More recently, our partnership with Sport Design Studio has taken another dimension, with the idea of ​​the bursting colors and modern FOSFO collection, whose mission is to use exclusively recycled materials. Designed with the same experts here, the production part is brought to import, always under our close supervision. 


We only work with ethical factories that are BSCI Business Social Compliance Initiative or “corporate social compliance initiative” certified across the world.


This code of conduct is based on the most important international conventions for the protection of workers' rights and the environment: measures to guarantee health and safety at the workplace, working hours and overtime. , payment of a fair wage, protection of the environment, etc.


In addition, our team members ensure their standards by visiting the factories once or twice a year.