Eco-friendly Winter Coats

Audvik has been environmentally conscious since 1979

Since the brand was founded in 1979, our love of nature has motivated us to do more to protect the environment. Audvik means "quality of the life" in Inuit legend and we want future generations to enjoy a quality of life that allows them to take advantage of the vast playgrounds of our beautiful planet.

Because green is not just a fashionable colour

We believe that sustainability is more than just a fashion statement. At Audvik, we've always taken great care to ensure that our coats are designed ethically, sustainably and locally. For over forty years, we have been ingenious and creative in reducing our ecological footprint and we are truly proud to be among the leaders in the eco-friendly winter fashion industry.


24 556 bottles of water


24 556 water bottles is the number of bottles converted since our first collection made in 2019 with fabric made from 100% recycled materials. It took us months of hard work, research and development to find a recycled fabric that met our quality standards and we're so happy to let you help protect the planet when you buy one of our coats.


Innovate, again and again!

We are proud of the path we have taken since our beginnings to offer eco-friendly products and this leads us to want to push the bar even higher. For this reason, we have challenged ourselves to see how we can recycle even more bottles in the production of our coats. 


So, in addition to using a fabric made from 100% recycled materials, we found a recycled insulation that all our coats will be made with by 2023.


Our efforts: from production to delivery

It is important to us that our efforts to minimize our environmental footprint are supported at every stage of the product creation process.

Local production

Audvik means "quality of the life" in Inuit legend and we believe that our workers deserve working conditions and wages that allow them to live with dignity. By keeping our production in Quebec, we support the local economy and the creation of jobs here while promoting the production of eco-responsible and ethical coats. Our employees have access to safe and healthy working conditions as well as an advantageous salary.

Keeping our production in our workshop on Chabanel, also allows us to reduce our ecological impact. Indeed, since our coats are designed in our workshop, they do not travel from the other end of the planet and this limits the greenhouse gases linked to transport. In addition, since the coats go directly from our seamstresses' hands to yours, we are able to reduce the number of intermediaries. Our coats are therefore handled less and we limit over-packaging. 

To learn more about our workshop production, visit the Local Production section



The choice of a certification demonstrates a strong commitment on the part of a company. We analysed the options available on the market because it was important to us that the certification chosen was in harmony with our values. Our choice of certification for the fabrics used in the making of our coats was therefore the Oeko-Tex certification. In addition to being a guarantee of quality and durability, this certification is concerned with the health of consumers and respects the environment.

Oeko-Tex is an international label that is awarded to every textile company that meets the Oeko-Tex standard. It was created at the beginning of the 1990s in order to control the quality of fabrics and the entire manufacturing process of processed fabrics while ensuring that they are not harmful to the health of consumers.

This label is awarded to textile companies that do not use harmful substances in their manufacturing processes. An Oeko-Tex certified fabric will therefore be checked at every stage of processing and will not contain any chemicals that are harmful to health. By limiting the use of these, Oeko-Tex also helps to protect the planet.

We are therefore pleased to design sustainable, eco-responsible and above all safe coats made from fabrics that are free of products that are harmful to the body and the environment.


We have undertaken a process to optimize the packaging of our products in order to combine the useful with the eco-responsible.


We are delighted to limit our greenhouse gas emissions by producing locally and we want this to continue when we bring our products to you. In Quebec, the movement of goods represents 36.1% ( of GHG emissions related to transportation, so it is our responsibility to seek out more environmentally friendly delivery alternatives.

To this end, all our packages sent in the Greater Montreal area are delivered by Courant Plus using cargo bikes and, for larger orders, electric trucks. 

Moreover, this option is not only environmentally friendly, but it also reduces traffic and the nuisances caused by traditional transportation, such as noise, accidents and fine particles, thereby offering a better quality of life to citizens.

"The quality of the life is important to us."

- Audvik