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Because you asked for it, we now offer a face mask that has been specially developed for your active lifestyle! Highly breathable and efficient, it will accompany you throughout your daily adventures at the gym, the market, the restaurant or any other public place of your choice. With your Audvik mask, no more excuses for not wearing it properly, as it stays securely in place with its adjustable elastic cord from the back of the head and to the neck for maximum protection.

Our quantities are limited. Wash in cold water before wearing.
Size small-medium:
Fit smaller face
Height: 7"
Height at ears : 2" 1/4
Width: 8" 1/2
Depth: 2" 1/2

Size medium-large
Standrad fit
Height: 8"
Height at ears: 2" 1/2
Widht: 9"
Depth: 2" 1/2



  • Sealed nose fit
  • Space between the outer and inner layer, helping to reduce moisture transmission from one side to the other
  • Semi-rigid shell that leaves a space between the mouth and the mask
  • Washable and reusable (50 washes before losing its filtration efficiency)
  • Non-medical
  • Free delivery, 5 working days.
  • Made in Canada

Technical characteristics

Spacer Mesh outer fabric 3mm

  • 100% Semi-rigid Polyester
  • Highly breathable and lightweight mesh fabric

Inner fabric Filter-ILINE 25

  • 100% Polypropylene Spunbond
  • High filtration efficiency


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