Top 5: Winter coats trends of 2021 - 2022

Every year, it's the same story: a blink of the eye is all it takes for summer to slowly fade away. We happily bundle up in a thick scarf, soft wool or an oversized coat. The summer season hasn't said its last word yet, and already the major trends for winter 2021-2022 are on the horizon. Let's take a look at the 5 coat trends that will be everywhere this winter.


 1. Bright Red

To take full advantage of what the Quebec winter has to offer, it's best to be prepared for any eventuality. Of course, we need a warm, stretchy and waterproof winter coat, but that's not all.

This season, the color red will be IT! To bring a little warmth to the sometimes dry days of winter, it is best to choose a coat with warm tones. Everywhere, we will see shades of pink, purple and red that will brighten up the monochrome winter landscape.

Some of our women's and men's Audvik coats are available in shades of red. The Bergen and Monaco models, for example, were designed for local women, by local people. Because our winter is too short to spend our time shivering, we dare to wear flamboyant colors to warm up!


Manteau hiver rouge femme


2. Loose fit


We carve the snow with great care, we slide down it at full speed and we watch it fall. Snow is stirred, moved and transported. In Quebec, snow is (almost) a national sport. 

To be able to enjoy winter to the fullest, we need a loose-fitting coat that will adapt to our movements. The major trends for the winter of 2021-2022 have adjusted to our needs by offering oversized pieces. 

Both women's and men's coats have straight, slightly oversized cuts to keep us warm and moving. Gone are the days when we were frozen in our winter coats. Freedom, here we come!

Some of our women's parkas offer just that: freedom of mind and movement. That's the case with our Stockholm model, a winter coat for active women, and our Oslo model, a winter coat for men. They were designed to be wind, snow and cold resistant. Let the fun begin!

Manteau oversized

 3. Monochrome look

Beige is the new black! There is nothing more beautiful than living in harmony with nature. This season, the trend that's getting attention is tone on tone. Monochromatic colors such as beige, caramel or light brown are being promoted.

Whether it's a trench coat, down jacket or parka, beige has established itself as the trend color for the 2021-2022 winter season. Although it goes perfectly with faded jeans, we dare the monochrome look, from head to toe. Yes, yes... even the toque can be beige!

Very soon, some Audvik coats and accessories will be available in the color sand. Watch for our new products.

Beige winter coats




4. Synthetic fur

In winter, we like to wrap ourselves in a warm parka. Whether it's made from short or long hair, synthetic fur has made its way into the fashion industry... for the good of all!

It is in the desire to live in harmony with animals that more and more companies here and elsewhere are opting for synthetic fur when it comes to making winter coats for men and women. This practice does not compromise comfort or look!

When purchasing an Audvik winter coat, you can add a recycled or synthetic fur collar. You won't even notice it: the look is completely natural!

Fourrure synthétique


5. Chic for work!

Hallelujah! The big trends are adapting. They advocate buying local, but they also praise durable and versatile clothing. No more fast fashion!

This trend is particularly noticeable in winter fashion. When it's time to buy a new, clean coat, we're looking for a product that performs well and lasts, and that can be used for almost every outing, too. 

All Audvik coats are handcrafted by Quebec artisans. To ensure that they will be used for years to come, each coat is designed with quality materials, colors and timeless cuts. A lifetime warranty is also offered on all winter coats.

 Manteau hiver chic femme


Psst...! Winter wouldn't be the same without a down jacket! Available in all colors, shapes and lengths, the down jacket is reinvented year after year. This year, for the very first time, Audvik will offer new models of its FOSFO puffers on its own website. These eco-friendly puffers are made from high-performance recycled fabric from abandoned fishing nets in the ocean. Watch for our announcements, by following us on Instagram. 

Manteau en duvet coloré

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