A night in a shepard's wagon; an insane experience in Labelle!

 Being an outdoor expedition fanatic, I love discovering the unusual accommodations in Quebec. In fact, I spent the night in Wagon de Berger in Labelle, inspired by the Victorian habitats of those who, in the past, protected and tended the sheep. Isn't it beautiful?


This hut on wheels is located next to the Red River, near a henhouse that produces fresh eggs in the morning. If it's not a 5-star breakfast, I don't know what is!


We arrived at supper time to eat in front of the beautiful landscape and to look at  the sunset. It was a bit chilly, but we had our Audvik beanies from the new 2019/20 collection (available online very soon) which were very comfortable and adapted for a night in nature!

At Kayak-Cabana, there are several activities that may interest all types of people to visit. Whether you want to spend a stay in the cabin, or outside, there are many things you can do. The Wagon de Berger is so well equipped that it allows you to cook just about anything! Just bring your own food, sleeping bag, and a good bottle of wine to relax! Also, specially hand-made board games by Kayak Cabana are available in each accommodation! 

Plus, what's really cool with this little getaway is that you can go down the 8 to 23 km long Red River, either on a SUP board, kayak or canoe, depending on your interest and time! The view and the fresh air were simply inspiring and this activity definitely made me want to discover more unusual places like this one. The autumn that slowly comes along makes us love these temperature changes and makes us realize how lucky we are to have 4 beautiful seasons.     


Do not hesitate in the comments to suggest places and activities to put on our list! We love to put our Audvik products to the test in all weathers!

By Lauraine Villeneuve-Fortin


Adresse :

2202 chemin du moulin
Labelle (Tremblant), Québec J0T 1H0

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