Notre Histoire:winter coats designed in Quebec || Our Story:winter coats designed in Quebec

Founded in 1979 in a village in the Montérégie region by two outdoors lovers, Audvik means “quality of life” in Inuit legend. Words that have become a mantra and an inspiration behind every coat we create. Born from a passion for the outdoors and its wide open spaces, we constantly have this desire to share this love that we cultivate for winter. With the seasons, the brand builds a reputation that is still intact: high quality coats, innovative, very warm and perfect for facing the climate here.


In 2012, Sophie Boyer, now president of Audvik and high-level athlete, acquired the Quebec company. Having been part of the Quebec cross-country ski team, she already knew a lot about the needs of outerwear. Wanting to combine her two passions for business and sport, she notices a lack in the market for durable coats that offer the best in quality for those looking to explore the pleasures of winter.


It is by wanting to marry style, warmth and environmental responsibility that Sophie, helped by her mother in the design of the products, has given herself the mission of transmitting  her passion for the outdoors and her energy to continue to create sustainable Canadian coats that accompany you in your winter adventures for 40 years.

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