Accessoires hivernaux chauds pour hommes et femmes.

Our men’s and women’s winter accessories


Complete your look with our winter accessories! To keep you warm during the cold season, we offer a collection of winter accessories, adapted to the Canadian climate. Stay warm with our colorful multifunction neck warmers, unisex face covers or even our unisex beanies and hats. These versatile accessories will follow you on your winter adventures, big or small!

1 product

1 product

Warm and comfortable winter hats for women and men

Choose from our selection of acrylic or recycled cashmere hats. Whether you are looking for a colored toque, or more sober, you will certainly find at Audvik! All of our winter hats are made in Canada and are designed to provide all-season weather protection.


Optional fur collars to add warmth to your coat 

Designed to cover your face in cold weather, our furs are available in three options. First, there is the natural Finnish raccoon fur, whose hairs are generally longer and thicker than other furs. Next comes the recycled coyote fur, with more white hues and short hair. Finally, synthetic fur, or faux fur, is also a good option that we offer. Do not hesitate to combine fur and a women's or men's beanie for extra shelter on cold and windy days. Our furs are compatible with certain coats in our collection of winter coats, Audvik winter coats for women & Audvik winter coats for men.