Outdoors and breathtaking views; the activity not to be missed!

Feel like a little adrenaline this winter? We tested the sled in the beautiful Charlevoix area! The ideal activity to do as a couple, with family or friends!



The whole activity lasts about 2 hours and it is strongly advised to book in advance and to be well prepared. Although this activity is categorized as "easy", you have to be ready to get out of your comfort zone to really enjoy the descent.

Upon arrival at the site, the guides will explain how to control the sled, before leaving us on the test track for some practice. Then, a caterpillar takes us to the starting point: the top of the mountain.

You can finally see the view, and it's breathtaking! It was super nice and cold, but I was warm in my Audvik 😉.

The 7.5 km descent is done in groups of 5 to 6 people, accompanied by the luge experts. They tell us when to slow down or stop.

Don't be afraid, there are nets on each side of the track if you miss a turn!

The first 4 km is full of adrenaline. It was a bit icy that day, so even faster. With the techniques learned, it's easy to slow down and go down at your own speed.
We then arrive at the spot and, water, fire and hot chocolate are waiting for us to warm up. Then, the last 3.5 kilometers are really fun and a little challenge is there! 
Overall, it's a really fun activity for all ages! The only negative comment: you'll want to do it again because it goes too fast! 💨

We finish it all off with a small family beer at the chalet du Massif!

Cheers to outdoor activities in a beautiful winter scenery!
Where: 4h from Montreal (only 1h from Quebec City)

Summit Chalet
455 Route 138
(Quebec) G0A 2L0

Park at the top of the mountain, the landmark for the sled is located near the track.

What to bring : Your ski goggles, be well dressed and good warm boots!

Helmets are mandatory and can be borrowed on site.

Price : 44,95$ + txs / person

Reservation: https://www.lemassif.com/fr/luge/

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