Snowshoeing in Sutton

By our ambassador @Camille_DG

For my friend Alexandre's birthday party, his girlfriend had rented a cottage not far from Sutton. We were all supposed to go skiing, but Geneviève is pregnant with twins and couldn't. So we decided to go snowshoeing.


Snowshoe in Sutton during winter


The snowshoe trail in Sutton

We opted for a total distance of 16km. From the Sutton ski resort, we turned right to follow the Lake Mohawk trail. Then, we followed the trails to the chalet 840 m to have lunch with the skiers. After eating, we went to the round top of Sutton! Unfortunately, it snowed so much that we couldn't see anything at all 🌨. We finally came back to the P5 for the main entrance along the main road of Sutton. BINGO! We had 1 025m of positive vertical drop in total! We arrived there in 4 hours and 45 minutes, including the lunch break.


Snowshoe hike in Sutton trail during winter


A good winter coat for snowshoeing

It's crazy how snowshoeing is an underestimated sport; we had so much fun! It was a REALLY cold day and everyone on skis said they froze. We were hot (not even kidding) 🔥. Luckily I had my Audvik coat on, which always comes with me when I do sports.


Audvik winter coat at Sutton snowshoe hike

Miami winter coat in Bordeaux


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