A first step to make sure we preserve our winters ♻️

The winter season has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I had just learned how to walk when I was first put on a pair of skis. From my first turns on the snow, to my many cross-country skiing competitions across the province, I have always loved being outdoors during this wonderful season.

From there was born my love for nature and my will to share this feeling through Audvik, which I have been directing for 7 years now (wow it goes by fast!!!!). As an entrepreneur, it just became natural for us to do our part to preserve the planet and its playgrounds that we love so much! That's why Audvik is going green this year, using ingenuity and creativity to reduce our ecological footprint.
After months of hard work, research and development of fabrics that meet our quality standards, we can finally unveil our very first eco-responsible collection made of 100% recycled fabrics from fishing nets.

But how is this possible?
Nets abandoned in the ocean are first collected, cleaned and processed into recycled nylon, which is then woven into a new, sustainable material that forms the outer fabric of our coats. This process has incredible environmental benefits due to the fact that it is infinitely recyclable material versus using virgin nylon which uses a lot of water, oil and energy to produce.
Moreover, it is a good solution to free the oceans! Did you know that fishing nets represent more than 10% of the garbage found on the ocean floor?
A recovery program is therefore set up by various environmental groups, non-profit organizations and local partners around the world (along the coasts) to collect used or abandoned fishing nets in the ocean.

A small gesture that is close to our hearts and that was a natural fit with our vision for the future of the company. We hope that these new coats will add a little happiness and color to your winter while having a clear conscience! 

Sophie XXX

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