My first ski touring experience

Also known as touring skiing or alpine hiking, we were really excited to try this winter sport that is gaining more and more popularity in Quebec!

What is it exactly?

First of all, we were climbing the highest mountain in the Laurentides (in our case, we were in Tremblant) with skis on our feet! It's done in the forest, just like hiking and snowshoewing, and then sliding down one of the mountains after you reach the top.

It really looks like an unforgettable walk in the enchanted forest dressed in its white coat. The reality is that it requires a lot of preparation (we'll talk about that later ⬇️).

For the initiation, we decided to rent our equipment directly at the base of the mountain. Renting is the best decision when you are a beginner, so you don't end up paying the full for the whole equipment. So the Mont Tremblant resort offers 2 options: half day or full day, reasonable price as you don't have to pay for the lift ticket.

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1. Preparation

What to bring in your bag

It is necessary to understand that climbing up will keep you WARM 🔥. When you get to the top, you have literally sweat so much! That's why you want to dress lightly for the climb. When you get to the top, you put on a coat with ski pants, mittens, goggles, and a helmet (safety). You also want to bring food and lots of water, hydration is key! 💧.

2. Prepare a lunch!

Fortunately, we had brought some food, because the chalet at the top of the slopes closed at 3 o'clock. After our ascent of 2 hours, we were super happy to have our hummus and our pitas 😉.

3. The equipement

Happy mixture between cross-country and downhill skiing, ski touring has its unique equipment ⛷. The bindings are flexible for the ascent, but fixed for the descent. The boots are flexible for the ascent but can be rigid for the descent. The skis are very similar to the alpine skis, but you must add the synthetic skin under the ski. It allows it to adhere to the snow during the ascent and can then be removed to fully enjoy the glide when descending.


In conclusion, ski touring is an adventure! What I liked the most is how much I enjoyed every second of the descent of this 2 hour ascent. My thighs also thanked me the next day haha 😜

Another great  winter activity to discover!

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