The best winter drinks

In this icy month of February, with or without alcohol, hot or cold, here is our list of favorite winter drinks.

Bloody Ceasar
Our speciality is drinkable all year long. It can be personalized according to your desires also!
Vodka, gin, whisky? With a little Clamato or Tomato Juice, spices, ice and it's done! One of our favorites drinks even at après-ski!
Our favorite recipe:
Mulled Wine
 A must for the holiday season, but also a must for the Igloofest festival-goers to warm up during the wild winter evenings ;)
Our favorite recipe :
Winter Spritz
100% natural herbal blend of quassia extract, gentian root extract and bitter orange peel to brighten up your winter. 
For the Italian version : 
For the Quebec version : 
The one and only Hot Chocolate!
To be enjoyed with or without Bailey's, by the fireplace or in front of a Netflix series, it will comfort you during the long winter evenings.
We love the Juliette & Chocolat one! 


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