January: more outdoors moments!

The month of January has already begun and we would like to wish you a happy new year 2020 filled with health, success and most importantly, with great outdoors moments. That's what we wish for ourselves: more time outside to enjoy the joys of winter to the fullest. 

  Here are a few ideas for activities to do this month:


1. Visit the Hôtel de Glace de Québec; experience the real "Winter Wonderland". Take the opportunity to drink a cocktail in a glass of ice, to relax at the spa or simply walk around in this enchanting place! It is possible to simply go for a day visit or to live the experience to the fullest by spending the night there.






2. Improvise a field hockey game with friends on a frozen lake or on a municipal rink. Get out your skates and sticks and let the best team win!

Find a skating rink here : http://bit.ly/patinermontreal



3. An evening of skiing to break the week's routine! Many mountains offer reduced prices for evening skiing.



Find the nearest skiing station here : https://maneige.ski/stations/



4. Take advantage of our beautiful national parks to escape into the forest. Nothing better for the body and mind than a long walk in nature. In addition, SEPAQ now offers the NANA shuttle service that will take you to the national park of your choice where a multitude of winter activities await you!



To make sure you enjoy all these activities even more, you obviously need to be well dressed! We have the perfect coats for you to enjoy winter this year!

Choose your coat now!

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