The most incredible hidden waterfall in Quebec during winter!

The extreme cold makes you less motivated to go skiing? No problem! We've found a great alternative to get active while staying away from the chilly winds.


Jean Larose Falls in wintertime

Located in front of Mont-Sainte-Anne, a hidden trail leads to the impressive Jean Larose Falls. You can reach it by hiking along the 4 km loop trail, following the river and taking a staircase of more than 400 steps. This view is really worth the effort!

Jean Larose falls trail during winter

Material you will need for winter hicking

It is the perfect winter activity for sports and nature lovers. To make the most of it, don't forget :

  • Crampons
  • A backpack with water
  • Snacks
  • A hot chocolate in a thermal cup 😉


Of course you will need a good winter coat


Audvik Montreal winter coat in front of Jean Larose falls


In front of Mont-Sainte-Anne near Quebec city

The place is a well-kept secret. We'll tell you how to get there: By crossing Route 360 in front of Mont-Sainte-Anne, you'll discover the beginning of the Chemin des chutes trail.

Jean Larose trail map


Have a good hike! 🙌🏻


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  • Nicole Brie

    J’ai acheté 2manteaux Audvik le Bora bora et le Montréal je suis super satisfaite. Ces manteaux sont de grandes qualités ils sont chaud confortable et élégant.

  • Maurice Damour

    très belle initiative que vous avez eu cool

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