The traditional spring activity!

Spring is just around the corner and what better way to enjoy the good weather than by going to the sugar shack 🍁! We went to the awesome Domaine Handfield in St-Marc-Sur-le-Richelieu.

Arriving on the spot, we park the car and we take a small 5-10 minutes path to go to the sugar shack. There is also a sled pulled by a tractor that goes back and forth to take those who don't want to walk.

 Handfield Domain

Inside, it smells like happiness! It is a magnificent ancestral family cabin where all the staff is very warm and welcoming. We meet in the large room where there are dozens of long tables with checkered tablecloths, as well as fireplaces. All the food is looking delicious! 👅.  A man even came to sing while playing the accordion near us, to put us even more in the mood.

After eating well, we went outside for the famous taffy on the snow. Although we already had a full belly, we couldn't resist to this little maple delight in the beautiful sunshine! To end the morning, we decided to take a little ride in a horse-drawn carriage with friends before going back to walk in the small path leading to our cars 🐎! 

We were about ten friends and it was a perfect place for small groups as well as  larger ones. The cost is very reasonable at 30$ + taxes per person. We advise you to reserve beforehand!

Don't hesitate to suggest other excellent sugar shacks in the comments 😍 ! Good spring to all!


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