5 secrets for you to enjoy winter!

The Audvik team has a mission to help people see the season in a positive way. We want to promote winter sports activities, as well as the small and exclusive pleasures of winter. Follow the #onaimelhiver movement by identifying us in your stories or Instagram / Facebook publications to influence your loved ones to do the same.

To give you a little help, here are our 5 secrets unveiled to make your love for the winter season grow 



It is important to have a coat made with high-performance insulation (such as Audvik's 🤪). Note that the extremities of the body are the parts that freeze most easily. That's why waterproof boots and mittens, which retain heat, are also important. Then, a beanie and a scarf are the best way to protect yourself from the cold. By choosing a coat with large pockets, we can always leave our accessories inside. It allows you to have your outfit ready at all times and not to lose anything 👍🏼.

Winter pro tip: Get a coat and/or accessories that you like, both for style and comfort. Wearing them is no longer a chore, but a pleasure 🤩.



Preparing adequately for winter is the best solution! For example, a "survival kit" left in the car's suitcase can be very useful in case of a flat tire or a gas shortage. It includes a spare tire, a flashlight, a blanket, beanie + scarf + hot mittens, a small shovel and a phone charger.

Winter pro tip: Alternate the snow removal task with your boyfriend/girlfriend to sleep a little longer 1 morning out of 2 💡.




By trying several activities or winter sports, we can discover your favorite! The important thing is to follow your own tastes and limits. Then, all you have to do is establish how often you practice the activity or sport. This is an excellent influence to learn to love the season.



To put all the chances on your side, why not go on winter activities with a group of friends or family? Find yourself a winter buddy, who will be ready to follow you in your improvised adventures 😎!

Winter pro tip: The sugar shack counts as a winter outing 😇.


Maple taffy, hot chocolate, soup, ... There are delicious meals or drinks that are perfect for the cold season. Preparing exclusive recipes makes those chilly months even more desirable.

Winter pro tip: Enjoy seasonal drinks in cafés. It's also time to opt for a warm and comforting meal in restaurants 🍵.


Share with us your personalized pro tips to enjoy the winter season in the comment section ⬇️ #onaimelhiver


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